Alerts through email


Nov 8, 2013
Hello - it seems i'm not getting any email updates when someone replies to my post or a conversation. In the Alerts settings everything is checked off. I was receiving alerts up until August 16th.

Maybe I need to update a setting that I'm unaware of? Not urgent. I can always visit my forums to see if there's any action.

I also was noticing that I haven't bought any parts lately due to no notifications about parts for sale any more. My bank account loves it my girl loves it but my baby don't likey.
Ok so I'm not the only one. Do we need to talk to an admin? I'm fairly new here.

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My email notifications have returned. Thanks to whoever fixed it (y)
Out of the blue I got an email notification for a PM someone sent tonight. It's been months since I last got a notification. Strangely, I did not get one for this thread though...