alky light mounting/AVC dash


Jun 14, 2004
where are people mounting the "low alky" and "spray on" lights with the AVC dash???? I want them to be hidden but visible. there is no low fuel or power injection slot on the AVC dash. :confused:
I ran into the same problem when I installed the alky kit with my AVC dash. I have a single gauge pillar pod that has a casper's knock gauge installed in it, and there was enough room in the pod to install the 'low alky' and 'spray on' lights. Looks pretty 'stealthy' and worked out great! :)
im not running a pillar pod

I put the alky turnon led next to the boost gauge at top, yeah i drilled it , not like it sticks out being there and i need to see it , theres a spot beside the headlamp switch that could take the led (drill to right and at center, theres even a hole in the back panel for the back of the led to fit into ) but its not really close enough to the boost gauge

I put the low led in the dash as well below the fuel gauge , that led is little bright but I usually fill tank before i hit the track/road and i want to know when its low so bright works for me , on a recent install i put it low on the face bezel below the dimmer ( a little low alky sticker would be nice)

at first i put the pump lamp along side my rear defog switch behind the face panel and you could see it light up around the switch, later removed it and wired up to the cruise lamp in the dash , dont have cruise anymore and its not like i would ever us it if it i did ,
on an avc i just did i slipped the pump power bulb in from the front of the idiot lights in with the cruise lamp, take off the metal trim and cover (filter) and slip the bulb in then put the cover back on, the cruise light will still work and when pump is on it lights cruise , which is what you should be doing when lamp is on... cruizin :)