Alky update "Freds car"


1986 Grand National
Well I picked a ford "glup" , pump "NAPA PART# P74028", a unversal coolant washer reservoir ( napa part # 82300). It holds just over 2 quarts or maybe even a 1/2 a gallon. :).

A NOS nozzle part # 13500 and .028 jet (1375028).

I don't have the soliond yet , maybe wendsday .

The game plan is has follows:

1. Find a place to mount the tank . Larry seen under my hood I have crap all over the place. :)

2. Surcure the fuel pump , maybe to the side of the tank? If I can find a leak proof way of doing it.

3. Aquire some 4 AN fitting(s) and braided hose.

4. Tee into the intake for the hobbes swicth(es).

5. Maybe two swicthes with a voltage regulator to have the pump come on at lower boost pressure. and a higher voltage at high Boost , Or a linear volt increase has boost goes up.

6. Check the "dead end" pressure of the pump before drilling a hole in the turbo outlet elbow for the NOS nozzle.

7. Then test , test , test. :).

8 We will see if a can run 22# of boost on pump gas with the same or better performance as C16. (117 octane).

8. Any input is welcome .
Almost ready to go !

Pump is mounted along with the tank , Nozzle is installed in the elbow of the turbo outlet.

I was playing with the prototype pump controller today at Lunch time and it is working also. Hopefully this weekend I will have it all togethere .

Then we start tuning :)
Every thing is installed expect for the Pump controll / vaierable "set" on control. (right now I have it hooked up to a Hobbs swicth).

I have not had enough "free road" (space or no traffic) to really lay into it.

I mearsured the pump pressure it is 100 PSI though the nozzle.

I'm running a 50/50 mixture alky & water.

We'll see what this week holds in store. Going up to Jack Cotton saturday to see the "nebra" gang , maybe I'll test it on the way up there.
Another update;

I got the first prototype board done. I had it hooked up to the scope and it seems to work fine. I'm using a PWM to control pump speed and also a MAP sensor used to turn the circuit on &off and also increase pump speed has boost increases. worked out well. adjustable from 4-15 # of boost. :)

Weather permitting I will install in the car this week and then try to find a wheel dyno to test it out.
Fred I can not wait to hear about the dyno numbers w/ that new setup.
P.S. Not forget to take pics of it and share:D
fuel pump?

Is the alky going to be enough to keep that pump cooled? 9 times outta 10 the reason for electric fuel pump failure is the car is ran empty and the pump keeps trying to pump. The fuel actually works as a coolant for the pump. I don't see why it won't work but something to watch out for. Pump failure could cost you alot.:)
Well , I got a chance to try the alky setup out .

First shot , It came on to low and drowned the engine , turn the setting up and had it come on @ 14# it rattle a little when it got up to 19# so I backed off the throttle to (18#) it stopped pinging and set me back into the seat and barked the tires at 65 MPH. It pulled like I never felt it pull before. (on the high way)

I still have alot more tuning to do , But it looks like I'm on the right track. :)

93 octane & 70 % isopropyl , I have some methanol , But I'm a little leary of that stuff . But we'll see.

I really need to find a wheel dyno & a EGT gauge.
Sounds like you are on the right track, :eek: Wow 19 psi before you had to get out of it. Sounds like some more tuning you you could have that car in the 12's :D

Do you know what the Boost to HP gain is?
I don't know. @ 16# on C16 it ran a 13.8 , at 20 # it ran a 13.3 on C16. 20 # even out of my oversized turbo is alot of heat. the alky should and will cool it.

I was running 22# boost on C16 to get me into the low 13's. I'm a hoping this is my ticket into the 12's. If I make it act like a inter cooler it should do it.
Stupid question.

Sorry that was an extremely stupid question. I wasn't thinking when I posted that last one. anyway this is something I have seriously thought about doing on my car. I hear that if you run 75% denatured alcohol and 25% water you get really good cooling features and enough alcohol to achieve high boost. I guess that denatured alcohol is like 90% ethanol and 10% methanol and can be picked up at a local hardware store for like $7 a gallon. Did it take much work to hook it up? what kinda time?

Hey Fred,
Just bought an old issue of Popular Hot Rodding Jan 98'.Didn't know we were dealing with a celebrity here.:cool: Anyway,I'm in the process of stuffing a 79'turbo engine in a 79'Triumph TR7.My question has to do with the ESC relay.My wiring harness does not have a provision for this.Can I do away with this thing somehow? If not can you give me an explanation on where the wiring needs to end up so I can splice in?I have never seen a 79'Buick Turbo engine while it was still in the car.I've seen from diagrams that the distributor plug plugs into the main harness than disappears.Does power need to be supplied to this thing?I'm so confused:confused: ,I just like to use that icon...Any help sure would be appreciated.I am trying to keep this as simple and reliable as possible hence my reasoning in eliminating anything that is not really needed i.e.smog and relays....Thanks.By the way,next time they take your picture,turn around and smile:)
I honestlly don't know . I car Never had the ESC relay. My is all fabed up differant.

Any guy's out there with a stock setup have a idea ?
No problem,
Seems like you are one of the few that run the older setup.The rest of these fellas are always talking ECM's all the time.Do you still run the ESC at all? How about the HEI distributor? If so,what did you plug the rectangular plug(light blue & pink wires)into? Thanks again.
No , I'm running a Billet Moroso Distribitor with A Moroso Hall effect pickup . I had to modify the Stock ESC so it would reconzie the signal , (I still wanted a Knock sensor). That feed the MSD timing controll , that feeds the MSD 6BTM , that feeds the Moroso 72381 coil . That run's though Moroso Ultra 40 Wires to the plugs.

This was not a payed ad for Moroso :)
Gee......Whered ya get all that trick Moroso stuff ?????:) How do you like that MSD setup?Been thinkin about getting one myself.Not sure I like the idea of adjusting timing via knob control on the fly.Is that a pain or is it not such a big deal?
The purpose of the ESC relay is to disable the ESC during cranking. This prevents the the ESC from retarding the ignition due to it picking up cranking noise.

I ran my 78 for a long time without the relay functioning and noticed no difference in the starting when I eventually replaced it.[ It was welded in the connected position.]

I would say leave out the relay but NOT the ESC.

Hope this helps.