Any Frame Notch Video From A GN Member?


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Dec 15, 2002
Anyone on the board make a frame notch video?

If so hit me up and post

If not maybe I'll get the crew doing mine to make one.
It wasn't that difficult ...if you have the right tools . A 4.5 " grinder with a cut-off wheel or 2 , welder , we used a mig and something to cutout the steel for the notch if you don't buy the kit . We used a plasma cutter to cut the 1/4" steel plate . For the frame we found that if you cut along the bottom to the depth , up the face at each end , then cut the face at the top of the frame to remove an L shaped piece . This gives you access to the underside of the top of the frame to cut to the depth needed to match the bottom . This was all done with a grinder/cut-off wheel . We made a template with cardboard by laying it over the cut out frame and tapping it with a hammer to imprint the frame on it . We then cut out the template and transferred it onto the steel plate .
This is my son doing the dirty work !!


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Just make sure you make it long enough !! I had to extend the rear portion an inch because a 30" tall tire would rub .
Thanks they're starting today, they wanted to make sure I knew it was only about 1" gain in BS and that it's probably a good 4 hours a side to do it right and clean. Your pictures helped Dynoman thanks.
Got my first notch update picture.
Goal = run 325/50/15 Street R

There's 3" of space with these wheels/tires/aluminum drums...
GN 15x10 with 4.5bs (5.5/4.5)
275/60/15 = 11.1 (section width)
11.1 - 10 = 1.1 /2 = 0.55
6.05 & 5.05 (offset and backspacing)

I have 2.25" BS to fill before a possible frame rub issue with a 325/50/15 Street R.

To fill up that space I can widen the wheels..
15x11 with 5.5bs (5.5/5.5)
325/50/15 = 13.2 - 11= 2.2/2 = 1.1
6.6 & 6.6
Not enough BS

If I make the wheels 15x11.5 with 6 bs (5.5/6)
325/50/15 = 13.2-11.5= 1.7/2 = 0.85
6.35 x 6.85
Better but still not enough is filled up

15x12 6.5bs (5.5/6.5)
325/50/15 = 13.2-12 = 1.2/2 = 0.6
6.1 x 7.1
6.05 & 5.05 (275 spacing)

15x10 w 5.5bs is 6.1 x 7.1 so that's the same.

These guys will widen my wheels, unfortunately Centerline doesn't offer the Autodrag with the backspacing I need and 15x12 w 6.5"bs isn't a common size with many wheels.


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You will probably have to adjust the wheel tub up at the top so the sidewall doesn't rub above the notch . I used a sledge hammer to massage it then repainted .
Thanks I mentioned your suggestion to them, they seemed to think the same thing, massage.

Now fitting the meats and the math so it doesn't rub the quarter or frame. I'll report back later, I get the car Tuesday after 6 months of accident BS.