any tips on installing new trans lines?


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May 24, 2001
Im installing new trans lines. The trans is out, so i figured now is a good time to replace them. I cut the old ones out. Now im wondering if there are any tips to make the installation of the new ones easy. Do i need to jack the motor up or will they slide right in to place? Any and all help is appreciated.
Well, it's likely you won't be able to make a new one from one single line and then install with the engine in place or even slightly jacked up. There will be a ton of test fitting and bending. Be prepared to spend an entire day doing this task. You need a good bender since you will be using 3/8" line basically which is tough to bend. The half-moon urethane-insert type that is operated by a ratchet is the best IMO. Using a coat hanger to design your bends is the easiest way to get started. You need to have the trans back in the car for this. Start at the trans fittings and make your initial bends. Test fit the line after it is bent and then go forward. I'd say try to use two lines in maximum 4' sections so it will actually be able to be test fitted without ramming into the radiator. Then measure what it will take to finish the job out and go buy those and the proper couplers. Other than having a line wrench or two and alot of patience, it shouldn't be too bad. Stay away from the hot stuff as best possible.
actually i have the pre-bent lines. I got them from postons. I didnt know if the motor had to be jacked up at all or what has to come out.
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hi guys, since i have the heads off to fix head gasket(no3 cyl.),i too have taken off the steel lines to replace and relocate.i've talked to a few tranny guys in this area about using steel braided lines which would be a lot easier to move around and relocate along the inner fender panel to the rad,they don't seem to like this ??.steel braided lines are very strong,after all they use 'em for brake lines which have a lot more pressure than tranny fluid!.what is the problem with this??it would look a lot better too,am i wrong in assuming this or am i missing something?
COST! Cost is the difference. hard line about 20.00 Earls could go 200.00 and up with fittings adapters and seperators.
I would use the Earls stuff and we do.