Anyone else had enough of the way cops are being treated these days

like legally videotaping them.

here the cops arrest the person unlawfully, and then murder his dog, who offcourse doesnt like it when the blue meanies start ruffing up his owner for no reason.
That video sucks. Edited at the 2:03 mark then he gets arrested right after that. What'd they cut out?
I respect opinions and I am very far from being a liberal. I detest their beliefs. Not all northerners are liberals.
As a matter of fact, we, Massachusetts, have a republican governor.


We have a Democratic President but I didn't vote for that one either. :rolleyes:
What gets me is that most here support law enforcement. They support law enforcement even after probably having a bad encounter sometime in their life wether it was their fault or not. They still support law enforcement because of the big picture. The big picture is law enforcement is necessary. I give more breaks than i write or arrest but i educate. Does my education do anything to deter that person running a red light? Steal food from a grocery store? I cant tell you for certain. One thing i can tell you is i have given people breaks and sometime after i did, i saw them doing the same thing? I guess they didn't learn, so guess what, no more breaks for him/her. I would be assuming here but something tells me that mackin would give an officer an attitude from the get go if he would get pulled over only because of his perception of cops. If i am wrong, i apologize but you could lie to me here and we wouldn't know. I have dealt with people like that many times and no matter what explanation i give, they don't care cause in their minds, i am "doing this to them" nevermind the 15 suspensions on their license, nevermind their arrest record. I am the problem because i am doing this to them. Should i just let them go? Would you guys rather live in a country where the cops make crap for money and extort money from people. Do you see anyone running away from this country to go to another because the police is out of control? Does anyone feel that way. Then please, be my guest and move. I have been all over the world during my time in the military. I have news for you guys, this is the greatest nation on earth. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. We need people here who actually have pride in their country and can overlook some bad examples and see that, for the most part, the police is not that bad. Guys, we can go round and round here. I hope one day you guys realize what i mean. Go to mexico Nd get pulled over. Go to argentina and get pulled over. Phillipines, thailand, korea. Yes i've been there, yes i can talk about it. Guys, be proud of who we are!!! Yes, there are bad apples, i get it, and believe it or not, when a fellow officer acts stupid or cocky, i call them out cause its not right. We are not over everyone, we just happen to have a job that consists of keeping the peace. If officers have gotten off with the slap of the wrist for felonies, that is not right, but sometimes we don't know all the facts.Who breaches the peace? Criminals, wether drunk or not. What do we do to keep the peace? We use force at times because sometimes, people give three shits about what i have to say, therefore, we use force. If you dont break the law routinely, chances are you will never deal with cops. If you break the law occasionally, chances are you will deal with the police occasionally. If you break it all the time, no one to blame but yourself. I'm done with this. Remember, we are all americans and if you don't feel you are, please go somewhere else.

120 day sentence for same act....must be a retired cop or something. :rolleyes: Oh wait, I'm sure they would have mentioned that.

2. $100,000 is not low bail. The supposed victim only made the claim AFTER being locked up for DUI, which she pled no contest to and got ZERO jail time and only PROBATION. So she's not a risk to go out and harm anyone huh??? From what I'm reading, the DNA evidence they have is the cop's bullet proof vest, skin dander on the vest. That could just as easily have gotten on there if they had had CONSENSUAL SEX. You don't find it strange that her claim only occurred AFTER she was locked up? Of course you don't.... ;)

3. The incident apparently occurred BEFORE he became a cop.

"Three of the charges to which Carson pleaded guilty stemmed from a series of incidents in 2001 where Carson, then 18, sexually assaulted a boy who was in seventh and eighth grade, said Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Jamey Cook at Wednesday's hearing.

In a proffer statement of accusations, Cook said Carson exposed himself to the child and masturbated in front of and with him. One night, Cook said, the boy woke up to find Carson performing oral sex on him.

Carson told the victim, "This is what friends do for one another," Cook said.

Investigation into Carson started when the victim, now an adult, told his probation officer that he was uncomfortable being watched during a urine test.

When asked, the victim said he had been abused as a child by someone who was now a police officer, Cook said. The victim said that national media coverage of Jerry Sandusky's sex abuses compelled him to come forward with his allegations, Cook said.

Carson joined the Virginia State Police in 2005 and was assigned to the Culpeper Division's Area 12 office in Warrenton."

OH WOWWWWW.....he told his PROBATION OFFICER. I'm shocked, shocked I tell ya!!!

Yeah bro please continue....cause you've failed miserably at your first attempt. :ROFLMAO::LOL:
Those circumstantial cases are a bugger. A lot of times the defendants will plea bargain (even if there is only circumstantial evidence) to avoid any prison time. I sure as hell would have a hard time putting someone away on circumstance. I thought differently when I was younger but after reading a few cases I couldn't believe that they got a guilty verdicts with the defendant getting 4-12 years! In some of them they could have plea bargained and only got a tracking device and probation but they fought the state and lost. Fighting the system will guarantee prison time if found guilty on just about any sexual assault related charges and you never know what you get with a jury. He said she said could make you a felon just by allegations and zero physical evidence. Most people don't understand the law.

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Well said Dragrazor. By educating, you stand above the rest. You can’t reach em all but the few you do is better than none.

I’ve had encounters with police in Mexico and Thailand. Although I know how to present myself and things worked out I can see how most people would end up in a world of shit with those foreign policemen.

What does that mean?

Simple, Just trying to point out the humor in your statement. Massachusetts is a state that has a reputation of being very liberal. The fact that it now has a Republican Governor does not automatically make everyone in the state conservative nor does it mean that everyone in the state supports him. Including yourself. Just the same as a Liberal being elected President does not mean America is now all liberal or that all Americans support the President's agenda. Including myself. ;)
I clearly said I was not a liberal. So you are calling me a liar?

No, not at all. Just thought it an odd statement from a professed non-liberal to try to defend a known liberal state. Especially since many of your post in this thread seemed to be agreeing with Mackinblack007. I simply tried to point out the elected leader does not always accurately represent who he is leading. It was in no way meant as a personalized attack on you. If you have taken offense to this then I apologize for it was not meant as such.
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Off course some loser who collects 70k a year from a tax payer pension for life, will make comments about people getting "welfare", hypocrite pos.

I hear jealousy!

Listen, Mackinblack007, even though you probably won't pass all the drug testing and background investigation, nor will you ever have enough balls to put on a uniform and protect people that deserve it.... and those that don't, but I got a soulution for you. Why don't you dress up as a cop for Halloween.

Everybody is quick to say that they are paying cops' salaries. Who am I paying for when I pay my taxes? Right, free loaders.

Ever saw this one
I am afraid the country is going to shit and its sure the hell not from the police. It's from all of these idiots that are protesting. You have a criminal get shot from posing a physical threat and they are treated like a civil rights activist. I dont know, but I dont think Rosa Parks ever grabbed a cops gun, pointed a gun or tried to run over a cop. Then the protestors are so stupid they actually put all of their efforts behind a convicted liar/perjurer (in MO). That had to hurt. This is why I started the thread. IT"S RIDICULOUS!!!
I have a feeling Mack would be there protesting blind, not knowing the evidence will show a bunch of freaking lying I witnesses and then still not being able to see where the real injustice is being played out in todays society.
I agree with you brother, unfortunately there are people that share the same thinking as some in here. Luckily they live in a place where they can publicly say it out loud or in a public forum without fear of retribution. Hope they thank a veteran for that freedom of expression. Lack of education has alot to do with it. Chasing the wrong idol's or heroes. A lot of people don't understand what it is to be in a war zone and actually experience what it is to be in fear of your life. I did it in the military and do it now in my current job as a police officer. I don't think i can much more here other than saying that i hope the pendulum swings back to where we were more american than now. As reagan said, if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to, this is the last stand on earth.
I was taught early on that there where three entity's you'd never win an argument with. Clergy, Women, and Police.

So when you fall into that officers "web" the best you can do is calm down the situation and be as nice as possible. Understand its not your place to argue(you have courts for that) and the faster you can make that officer leave you and your business, the happier you will be. If you have been wronged for whatever reason.. deal with it on a different terrain.. thats why they make court houses and lawyers.

Everyone who decides to argue with the entity's.. will reap what they sow. This portrayal of ALPHA male dominance from Police officers abounds.. the tougher their beat.. ghetto.. the more pumped up they get. Arguing with someone jacked up on alert.. you will lose 100% of the time.

Too many folks seem to have a problem doing the right thing.. and it simply makes law enforcements job way harder when they become an irritant vs compliant.
thanks for letting me rant. but my family thanks you more, they have heard me enough. i am going to return to being a spectator. I wish you all the best, even you mack

Evil, either you are missing something or I am. As I watched the vid I immediately realized there must be more on tape before she pulled up to him. Listen to her comments about him swinging the club as she turned the corner. Clearly he did something that made her turn around and approach him especially since she or the camera cannot see a golf club as she purposely pulled right up to him.

If that is the case, edited videos like this are part of the problem. The comments from the caliber of people on this site pretty much says it all. No common sense or objectivity. Just a one sided agenda.

Question is what happened the 15 seconds before this vid starts?