Anyone else see this?.

So I was looking at the ECU, which is seriously badass btw, and I was wondering how do you guys plan on adding extra devices to this ECU?

Like what if someone wanted to add the IGN-1A high output coils, and maybe some sensors to monitor their intercooler's efficiency, like 2 map sensors (1 before and after the IC core to measure pressure drop) and 2 IAT sensors as well (1 before and after the core to measure the thermal efficiency) how would they add those coils, 2 map sensors, and 2 iat sensors to the ECU if it uses the stock harness/plug to connect to? I want to make this clear to anyone reading this though- I am genuinely asking how they would go about this, and NOT trying to be a passive-aggressive douchebag and try to knock their product. I really am curious about this because I don't know how the MS3 PnP or this ECU would add sensors/etc onto it. (I use a MS3 Ultimate, so I haven't bothered with PnP add-ons yet)

Or if someone wants to add 6 EGT probes and uses the CAN EGT 8 module, how will they be able to wire that into the ECU?

Do you guys plan on making like an extension harness that has a connector/plug that not only connects the ecu to the stock harness, but also has a ton of empty/unused wire/connector slots on it so that you could run new wires to this connector piece, and then run a wire from the connector piece into the MS3's corresponding wiring port? Sorta like how the old Gen 2 Translator Plug and Play harness looked like? (At least that is how I am imagining this thing in my head)

And btw it has wi-fi, you don’t need no pia cable, as long as your device is wi-fi it will connect

That is so friggin cool! The MS3 requires you to buy a separate wi-fi or Bluetooth (whichever you prefer) module so you can connect your Android device for the Shadowdash, through that...but it is still an extra $60... this has it built in? Awesome!!

Yeah, keeping the scanmaster-G is a big plus. If it's got Bluetooth or Wifi so I can run ShadowDash or ALDLDroid on my tablet, it's a slam dunk.

And if it's got 9 analog inputs and at least three PWM inputs ready to go and CAN interface ready.

The biggest question is if they're going to be overrun with demand like DIY was. I already have a DIY unit pre-ordered, but if this hits the streets in sufficient quantity, I can jump ship.

The kicker is its the same software. The tunes are going to be interchangeable between the units.

How do you hook your Scanmaster G / original Scanmaster to the ECU?

Can you run programs like MSDroid on your tablet and change your tune via your tablet, like they're saying we should be able to with the MS3's? If so, then maaaan this thing is gonna be hard to beat!!!

IMO Caught up and passed them by!!! i was going to get the MS3 Pro... now i'm set on this unit! Too many extras as well as being able to use my Scanmaster G and my Mac! - oh and then i'm actually buying from a couple of Buick Legends!

Even though I am a MS3 dealer, I agree with you that this ECU has a TON of cool features that will really set itself apart.

I know we have all seen in the For Sale section people selling their Scanmaster and other things because they're upgrading to an external ECM and now they have no more use for it, or decided that they don't need it..but with this ECU being able to retain the SM's functionality, that is completely badass! Being able to have something small and singular (1 gauge) like the Scanmaster G to give you critical engine information without having to pull your laptop out or buy a $700 dash screen that is only the size of a large phone, is going to be incredibly convenient!

I am thoroughly excited for this product and cannot wait to see more people run these in their cars!

Thank you to Eric and Bob for making our Buicks even better!

There are unused pins as well as the egr circuit that can be used for “extras” as well as the strip on the side for more extras. Running an equinox coil will be a simple underhood connection as well as smart boost control done from underhood. High output smart coils like the Pantera EFI will require some wiring but won’t require an external module like other ecu’s have in the past

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Would it be possible to get a more concise list of what this unit has over the other MS3 PnP unit that is on the market? I understand if Eric wants to wait to divulge info until it's actually released to the public, but it can't hurt to ask. So far I gather:

- Wideband controller built in, sensor included in purchase
- WiFi connectivity
- Extra analog input block
- Retain use of Scanmaster G or 2.2

Seeing that the creator(s) of this computer have a long understanding of what makes these cars run well, can we expect a preloaded tune based off of order info much like we get when we order a chip? If spending the extra money on this unit includes a base tune to get the car driving that seems like a huge incentive, well at lest to me anyway.
I'll have the ECU GN on the dyno tomorrow at Sound Performance for the TurboCliff dyno day.
Thanks Eric! I'll check it out. Since I would like flex fuel, elec. boost control, and low imp. injectors it may finally be time to make the jump to a stand alone unit.
Logfile screenshot from today's pulls at Sound Performance. 519HP at 24psi
The closed loop boost controller was set for 24psi and doing a nice job of delivering it!

Decisions, Decisions, I have to drop ECM to install new chip and powerlogger, or do I just wait and purchase this???
My car is mostly stock, heads, turbo, intake, block, aside from the usual bolt on reliability mods.
It seems to do WAY more than my brain can comprehend at the moment, reading overload, lol
I see that Eric will provide a start-up tune, but how hard, or easy will it be for the novice, such as myself, to get their car dialed in???
I’m not planning on racing my car at a drag strip, TOO MUCH money invested in my car, but occasionally like to get on it and see the headlights of a mustang in my mirror. Running 18#’s of boost, and rarely go WOT, scares the hell out of the wife.
it looks like you have stock heads and cam, Erics stock car is basically the same setup, so his startup tune for that will be extremely close, if not dead on.

Jerry, I’m almost sure I’m telling you right. Mine has a new HD actuator and it is set to the max. Using the stock solenoid Richard has it set to 22# as that’s all I wanted for the street. However you can make a couple of computer key strokes and change the boost up or down however you want it. You never change the actuator again. Have not got the car back yet as they have a few other things to put to bed