Anyone else see this?.

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Oct 31, 2014

I was looking through some tuning things earlier on YouTube and came across this. Anyone else see this?. Appears to be a Stand Alone ECM from Turbo Tweak.
This is a great time for Turbo Buick owners... I am truly amazed, in my 20+ years of ownership, to see so many ECM options being released at once. We "Should" have multiple "plug n' play" options now; FAST XFI, FAST Sportsman, Holley Dominator, Holley HP, MS3 PRO, and now TURBOTWEAK/Bailey Eng. ECU........ so many options :D

Cant wait to see what this thing is all about and see how it compares to the others out there.

The ecuGN is a TurboTweak product, Eric can answer all the questions.

Sorry for the misinformation. I ASSumed you two were involved from seeing the posted videos and knowing your past collaborations. I then tried to edit my post and couldn’t and subsequently tried to contact a mod... anyway sorry for the confusion and can’t wait to see the specs on this. Thanks for chiming in Bob and thanks to Eric, for what looks like a great product.

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Anything said about the ecuGN at the Nats? Anymore info or release dates, etc.?

thanks in advance
Looks like it's close, Just made it to his website!
We need a comparison between Ms3Pro and ECU-GN.... any more info yet? Maybe a preliminary manual or something.