anyone go to autofair ?

I was there with my G8 GXP. I did not see any turbo Buicks! I will be at spring 2014 with my GN. Installing Ridetech front / DSE rear suspension now. Do we need to try to get a GN/T-type group together for Spring? We would need 10 cars committed for Saturday & Sunday.
I seen you in the bleachers before u walked down. think u had on a white shirt.

im down for a buick group even if I have to trailer ... might take my parts car 87 turbo T an drive it
I really missed going. I enjoyed our bi-annual get togethers but the Saturday and Sunday commitments seem to be just too much for most of our busy crowd. I know the show is trying to get the Sunday attendance up but I still think they have hurt themselves with the two day rule for club displays. Most people get bored with static displays after a day and with no other activities, two days for a small trophy is just not worth it. Plus we have to face the fact we have niche cars. If you don't have a traditional Chevy or Ford there is really not much to see as far as shopping for us. If you would take everything for our cars there and put it in one place it probably wouldn't take up a whole spot. There is really no incentive for long distance participants to want to spend the night.
I'm close enough to be able to drive both days without much trouble. I love these cars enough that I would do two days for the sake of the club but two days is a bit much to ask from my family. My wife supports me in my hobby but when it comes to actually being at a long show even she has ADD.
I bet if we could get Z-Max to open for fun runs for the participants on Sat. night we wouldn't have any problem getting enough of our cars to attend. :D
FWIW I found s great place to eat lunch at Speedway on Fri and Sat...Champions Pavilion...near entrance to pay road in infield. $12 a person and includes 2vegies, 2 meats. Roll, drink, and desert. It is cool and quiet and clean.

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