ARRIVED.....Cities for 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour!


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Figured it is never to early to post some good news. Since the Turbo Buick turnout for the 2012 HRPT was the largest I have seen since the 2007 Power Tour. I wanted to let as all of the East Coast guys and gals have enough time to make plans accordingly!;)
From the looks of it there are probably a higher number of Turbo Buick's in the Eastern part of the US than in any other part. So the boys at Hot Rod need to see how the Buick following represents for 2013!

Saturday June 1: Arlington, TX
(but you knew that already, right?)
Sunday June 2: Texarkana, AR
(Texarkana is a city in two states, half Texas, half Arkansas.)
Monday June 3: Little Rock, AR
(Ever heard of the “Climber Motorcar”? It’s the only car ever manufactured in Arkansas. Maybe we’ll see one!)
Tuesday June 4: Memphis, TN
(Elvis and BBQ, what more do you need?)
Wednesday June 5: Birmingham (Hoover), AL
(The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is worth a visit!)
Thursday June 6: Chattanooga, TN
(The home of Coker Tire, you can expect a warm welcome here.)
Friday June 7: Charlotte, NC
(If you don’t know why Charlotte, NC is a cool place for car fans, you might be reading the wrong website.)

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Yeah buddy!!!! hopefully there will be a reunion party between Royal-T and Two Tone ;)

Are you planning on long hauling? I really wanna make it to NC... seems to be a bunch of Buick guys out that way....

Pretty excited to see this, my dad and I long hauled it in 07 in his 55 Chevy awesome time. I'll jump on for a couple of stops seeing I'm right in the middle of the tour. I know of 5 or 6 turbo buicks here in the Little Rock area.
Nice!!! My dad and I are planning on long hauling the whole thing in my GN...just gotta get the a/c working again! It would be awesome to get a huge crew together for this.
Looks like a good run. Anyone going to Charlotte on the last day needs to make a trip to Richard Clarks while you are up there.