HOT ROD Power Tour '17 KC to BG


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I haven't had the ability or means to attend the Power Tour since 2013, but have followed the topic the last 3 years. Also, my Buick hasn't been road worthy since the 2013 Tour:(.
Below is the 2017 route and now that we've relocated to WI in mid 2016. The route seems to be a route that will have decent/pleasant weather since the Tour is later in June this year. It might be a stretch to say the least....but, I hope to have the Buick back together and ready.

I know this route is close for a BUNCH of TB owners and board members. So....chime in if this year might be a GO for all you guys.

June 10
– Kansas City
June 11 – Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa
June 12 – Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, Iowa
June 13 – University of Illinois (State Farm Center) in Champaign, Illinois
June 14 – Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois
June 15 – Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana
June 16 – Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Can you do just little sections of the Tour? I don't have flex fuel yet, but I could probably make the trip to Indy.
Yep you can do as little or as much as you want. There has been times my schedule only allowed me to do one or two stops.

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Awesome. I might take some time off and go stop at Indy. I hope to one day have my car able to do the entire tour.
I'll be there June 13 as I live in Champaign, then again June 15 as Lucas Raceway is less than 2 hours away. I won't have my car in the show as they charge something like $30 or $40 per day. So if you want to save money they have off site parking with a free shuttle.
I think if you pre register it's $50 per day :eek: $60 on the day of. Normally I wouldn't do that, but I figure it would be fun to do it once