2011 HOT ROD Power Tour, FL to Detroit


That would be sweet if it ends at Cowboy Stadium then I wouldn't have to drive over 1,000 miles back home...just over 1,000 miles to get to Power Tour kickoff:-/
Funny thing Craig I thought it was over for me too but the wife kicked me out of the house to get me to the finish......but I did find out what was wrong with my Regal....the idle was crazy and it started shutting off at the traffic lights....got it home and parked it went to crank it up later and had no brakes which is I realized my brake booster had failed and it was effecting motor vacuum and timing......got it fixed today and all is good now. Oh here are more GNs i saw around the Power Tour................




Dewayne, that's good to hear. I hope to get the A/C issue resolved with some exhaust blanket that we use at work on our Gas Compression engines. Which I will wrap the DP with or if that and re-bending the A/C line doesn't fix the problem I will look at changing out DP's and a 5' RJC DP will be up for sale on TB.com
All they confirmed was that it will start in Detroit and end in Fort Worth. (Possibly the cowboys stadium)

Seriously? They finally decided to come to Texas again?:biggrin: Can't do the tour but I might be able to make it to the final stop.:cool: