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With about exactly 4 months left until the smell of exhaust, tire smoke, breakdowns and a little monkey business. I felt it was a perfect time to start a Roll Call list for the 2013 Hot Rod POWER TOUR. This is one of the shortest Tour's in mileage and is headed NorthEast toward all of the biggest Turbo Buick faithful and vendors this community is familiar with. Here is the Tour route:
June 1, 2013- Arlington, TX
June 2, 2013- Texarkana, AR
June 3, 2013- Little Rock, AR
June 4, 2013- Memphis, TN
June 5, 2013- Birmingham/Hoover, AL
June 6, 2013- Chattanooga, TN
June 7, 2013- North Concord, NC
I will start this list:
1. Craig- 2toneNV (1st Long Haul since 2009)
2. Ryan- hatdragracer (1st Power Tour...ever)
1. Craig (2toneNV)
2. Ryan (hatdragracer)
3. BuickMike231
4. Royal_T_Ltd

Groumoutis, that's too bad. I know how the income drop makes things hard. That is the main reason I couldn't make the 2010 tour.
I think a bunch of us from the GNS stable are going to pick it up in Chattanooga and go to NC. Then maybe next year we will do the long haul from NC to ??
Scot it will be cool to meet up with you in NC! We should get a list going on here besides who's going as to where everyone plans to join the tour. That way we can try to ensure we meet up with all our fellow Turbo Buick guys along the way and have a huge crew rolling together!
This thread isn't just for who is going. I posted it with that title because in the past there has been a couple of threads on the same topic. I want people to post if they are going, how much of the Power Tour they are planning to participate in, where they will be joining. Also, it would be a good idea to have some discussion where we might meet up after each cruise night. Last year there was a group of about 7 Turbo Buick's that stayed together from Miami, OK to Texas, which was cool.
There's a few of us Dallas area guys that are planning on doing the while thing and planning on sticking together. We can start it off and meet up with everyone along the way! There should be a couple of GNs in our crew and possibly a cool 64 wagon!
Man you guys are making me want to go. Our orders are picking up at work so maybe I will have the extra money. The wife and kids want to go from Mephis to North Carolina but money talks. We will see.
Can't do the tour but I might be able to get up to the starting location this year.;) That's the middle of the season for the shop so I'll be busy as heck about that time.:D
I might be a doing the first day or two (Arlington to Texarkana to Little Rock). I'd be interested in meeting up and driving together.

I would say leaving the PT kickoff venue is the most difficult because of the amount of cars and everyone coming in at a different time. I am all for leaving Arlington with a big group of lil' V6 Turbo Buick's.

Have to say I haven't seen much activity from ppl going on the 2013 Power Tour. Where is jdpolzin, austinibew, gngal, etc!?!
If you are looking for Austin you need to check the sheep pin. On the serious side Austin needs to get that motor fixed. He went all Mr Destructo on it. I am sure they will have it running like a top by then though.
The D/FW Lonestar Buick Club is having a get together on Saturday, June 1 from 6p to 9p. This is the night before the Power Tour heads to Texarkana on Sunday morning.
First Timer Me and the Wife and maybe my boys will be going from Dallas to Little Rock in our 87 GN.
See me broke down feel free to stop and help !!!