Assembled Ported iron heads


Feb 8, 2006
Gauging interest.

I'll post pics tomorrow along with the final flow numbers when I pick them up tomorrow. The shop doing them said they were around 195 cfm on the exhaust and a little over 200 cfm on the intake even before the final touches, so they should flow as much or more than champion cnc ported stock irons. These are being done by BHW racing by Ken Hutcherson.

3 angle valve job
completely inspected and magnafluxed.
100 # springs
heads were milled .014"
new valve seals

I didn't have the valve guides cut down, so if you are running a cam with a lot of lift don't forget to check valve to guide clearance.
Let me know what $$$ your asking for the heads,Im very interested!Get back
to me soon!

John Alstrand
Ok, here are some pics, I'm no expert photographer :rolleyes:

I have one revision to make, The valve guides have been cut to definitely be safe with a .500" lift cam, so these are ready to drop right on if you are running a flat tappet, but if you are running a big roller camshaft i'd be sure to at least check guide to retainer clearance and put appropriate springs on.

Here's what you really want to know, flow #'s.

Tested @ 28" h20

Intake with 1.71" valve
lift cfm
.100" = 23.8
.200" = 149.2
.300" = 190.5
.400" = 204.9
.500 = 209.9 8.8% gain

Exhaust with 1.50" valve
lift cfm
.100" = 10.1
.200"= 142.7
.300"= 181.1
.400"= 190.7
.500"= 192.5 31.6% gain

Average Exhaust/Intake ratio = 97.5%, so these are ideal for making horsepower on a forced induction engine. Intake picked up quite a bit. Exhaust picked up a ton. Flow chart included with heads, and not many people are providing that information when you buy.

These are already packed up and ready for immediate shipment asking 850$ for the pair

Chris Hasty 417-718-4648 Located in Lebanon Missouri (South Central, between St. Louis and Springfield)



Price on these includes shipping UPS ground and insurance. If you are interested I'm also open to offers.