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May 27, 2001
12 Heys guys really need some suggestions very bumbed out.For the 3rd time since moving to MN someone has tried to steal my baby! (87 GN) This time they broke thru the garage door at my Apt. complex & tore the column up & all ripped out some control boxes from from under the dash .They did not get her!(batt, was near dead hahahah!)SO what do ya think of a denver boot or should I just store it up north (very secure) at my pals house??????Any security ideas?????Booby traps?Appreciate help Do not know why it is so hard to own nice things :mad:
Here's the way I look at it. If they don't get it, it may get all torn up from them trying.
Or don't allow them to get to it at all.
It's obviously not safe where it is. They may be back, and if they do they may get it. They may be more prepared the next time.

I'd move it, even if it requires some monthly funds to store it in a safe place. A few extra bucks a month is more that worth it. KEEP IT SAFE!!

Good Luck!:D
Hey Kevin thx for the reply I may store it up north it is my buddies brand new house with a massive garage (no charge) or six pack of brew each time I head up there.No chance of someone getting to it there he owns an AR-15 with a laser sight !!!!!!!!!
That'd be the best IMO. Also, for safty, make sure the car will be insured at your buddys place just in case something like a fire, theft, or ?? should happen. I'm sure he'd understand your concerns..
My parents live outside of town and have a large barn that they rent for storage. Whenever I leave for a few days I take the car out there even though I have a garage.

I waited to long to own one of these cars, I try and do the "right" thing as to keeping it mine..:)

Good Luck!!
I use a mcgard device that locks and clamps over the column. It cost around $110. You may try that, at least it will provide some protection of damage to your steering column. But if someone really wants your car it will be gone. As posted above, maybe the vehicle needs to be stored some place else.
Sorry, I got the name wrong (too much alcoholic stimulation or something). The name of the product is CarGard. According to my parts house buddy, there is also a simular product called ProGard (part# AAA22019). Hope that helps, just wanted to be sure this time:D
142 lbs German Shepard named Brutus. Uses 8" concrete blocks as chew toys. Home during time we are gone? The garage. So far after 3 years, no one even comes close. I love my puppy. I am sorry to hear about the damage, I would either get a very nice big dog or move the car somewhere else. Oh and AR-15's are nice, we own a couple.