Basic Alky Q's


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Mar 11, 2002
If this question has been posted before I cant find it. What mods should be done before the addition of an alcohol injection kit? Besides the obvious like fuel pump/regulator, scan tool, etc.

Also how long does a tank of Alky mix last in proportion to a tank of gas? One tank, five tanks, etc.

With your setup, you're set to go bro. Just put it on, turn it up, and start tuning. Well, first be sure your int/turbo/TB hoses are up to handleing the increased pressure; and make sure your PCV valve is good too so the high boost won't blow out the rear main seal. HTH
Thanks for the replys. I have the pump just have to hotwire it. The o/f bowl lasts 6 tanks? I figured maybe one tank. does not have a whole lot on this so I am kind of in the dark. When does the injection kick in? Only on boost I assume?
Also everyone recommends the SMC kit, what other options are avail. Stevemon I thought I read somewhere that you have a kit also?
The SMC kit on average for people turns on about 10 psi and a tank will run about a minute or so.

How often per tankful of gas are you over 10 psi?

That will determine how long it lasts. :)

Actually it has nothing to do with tankfuls of gas. ;)