be a turbo god!

I've never been to fond of the 78-80 MC, especially the quad heallight 80. I think the reserve($1500?) is to high as it looks like this car has some issues. Looks like the seller is trying to unload it fast. Why was it in a barn for eight years and why is it parked outside now? Maybe a bad motor or ECM problems? Is it a factory sunroof and why didn't it come with the car? Whats the interior look like now that it has been sitting outside with no roof and a tarp covering it? Now maybe if I(or someone else) could pick it up for $500 or less it would be a better deal. If any body is intereseted there is a guy in my part of town with a white 81 turbo MC with blue vinyl buckets that was for sale for the better part of last year. He had an add in the paper about 4 months ago asking $3200 and claims it is a one owner car with low miles. I didn't talk to him but I did look at it when it was sitting down at the corner parking lot and it appears to be an unmolested car in good shape. I would like to have this car but it is way out of my budget so if anyone is interested post here and I'll e-mail you his phone number. The car is located in DeLand Florida.