beat up on a 96ish Camaro



Well I finally have a kill to report. I was driving up our 4 lane one-way street Lohman tonight. I was going to my shop to mess with my 85 T when a green 96 or so Camaro pulled up next to me and was on and off the clutch in anticipation for the light to turn green. He kept looking at me and back toward the light pretty quick. When the cross lights went yellow, he got the rpm's up and I stalled it up too. When the light turned green, I jumped him by about 1/2 a car and pulled it into 4 high. I eventually got him by 1 whole car by the end of about 2 blocks. He wanted into the lane I was in. I had to turn around to go back to my shop but I was pleased with the wife's 4.0 93 Jeep...maybe soon to be a Turbo Jeep with an 87 TR turbo and some tweeking.:D
LOL:D Yea, better watch out for those Jeeps cuz they have REAL horsepower!

lol i dunno about the 4.0 jeeps, but i got a friend with a 94 jeep grand cherokie limited v8, its a 318, all stock except for exaust, high flow cat, headers, intake, chip, transmition chip and thats it. its the "fastest SUV at my school" and it smoked a 91 taurs SHO that runs low low low 14s. jeeps are cool LOL
It is a 4.0 High Output. No carburator to be found like the old 4.2 Jeeps. I have been playing with the idea of a Turbo Jeep to beat up on the Mustangs around here. I already have the turbo from a friends 87 GN and the exhaust is stainless headers. I found someone to reburn the computer to handle the 36lb injectors I have and the exhaust system is no problem. I have to rebuild the trans soon as it unlocks the converter on the highway and after about 1 hour, it blows ATF out the vent tube. If we don't sell it after all this, I will go ahead with the turbo transplant. Then I should have more kill stories to send in.;)

Maybe I'll do the transplant and sell it like that.:eek: