Berlin Turnpike On Sat

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
i ma going up on sat night, was wondering if anyone else will be there we can find a place to hang out,and watch a bunch of idiots get in trouble
I may be going down Sat night..............anyone else??? Maybe we can meet at Roy Rogers or ????
the heck with roy rogers they just kick you out anyway, i was hanging last week at a small lot next to the diner across from dunkin donuts and no bothered me at all
didnt get there till around 11:15 typical night of bullsh*t ricers and cops pulling over mustangs, as far as my car, i am now tuning it for the street with all my new parts (see below)i am going to my buddys track rental next month (stag party)and that is where i will do my race fuel tuning, it has some small quirks i must work out but other than that pretty good,my friend has a saleen and he thought that on the highway he could keep up with me ( on a long straight away) so i gave him a head start and ran him down like mad, this thing it great with the Cottons front mount on it
i need to get a roll bar installed soon so i get go the the high tech shootout
see yaa Otto
I hear ya bout the roll bar thingy:eek: .
Is there anything going on @ the canteen on wends??
Havn't been there in a while...
last couple of times ive been there was the same crap, if you want to come up one night ill meet you there i only live about 10 min away, is there anything goin on down stamford norwalk way? i dont mind the drive for a decent hangout
There's ALOT of ricers. ALOT of BSing but no racing..Once in a blue moon there might be somthing BUt the last one the flagman got arrested. So it's been a little quiet.
But on a brighter note theres some rumors floating around that there going to be a big buck race in NY soon. I'll get some more details tonite.
I'll keep ya posted....
Maybe this wends we'll meet @ the canteen.