Bfg Drag Rads Or Nittos?


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Oct 15, 2001
I have a stock 87 Limited I wanted to know what size to use with stock T wheel & which drag rad? How do each one drive in the rain? I will be driving it some & leaving them on.

87 limited stock turbo,k&n,adj.reg,mass air pipe
best 60'on rad.1.89,26x8 mt slicks 1.78
93 chip&slicks 8.30&13.12 102.0 1.78
108 chip&rads8.38&13.04 105.9 1.98
The 275/50 nittos work well with the stock rims and will perform just like a normal tire in the rain in my experience. On a well prepped track I've gotten a 1.73 60 ft. with the nittos on my high 11 sec. GN. The bfgs may have a slight edge in track performance but the nittos seem to be the best choice for a street driven TR.
I have Nittos and I would not say they are a rain tire. 50 mph is max I would drive in any rain. This is just my experience though.
i have 275 bf's and i have been driving in heavy rain for the last two weeks. i havent gone over 55 but i am very surprised at how well they have done.
if you ever have driven a 5.0 is the rain on bald 225/60 gatorbacks, BFGDR's in the rain on a buick is childs play. We had a rainout at race event last summer and even with standing water on the roads, I wasn't holding up traffic with my BFGDR's. Any tire is bad in the rain if it has no tread left. BFGDR's are no different.

Nitto's will last much longer in everyday driving, if that is important. If you are like me and only drive my car to work 5-10% of the time and only to races, BFGDR's are a better choice because they are bigger and hook better.
Either will be good in the rain if ya have a peg leg. As far as a posi goes I would say Nittos! I drove on mine back from Bristol in 2000 doing 70 with no problems" They were also new then.
I run the Nitto's on the street but my car is not a everyday driver but I have gotton caught out in the rain before and it was not pretty!

On the way home from work a few weeks ago on I635 at about 60mph everything was fine for several miles and the all of a sudden with no warning the rearend came around to my left I was sliding sideways I thought I was fixin to hit the concrete baracade in the middle I tapped the brakes and the car came all the way around doing two complete circles back out into the middle lanes I was just glad there was no one close to me!

I finally came to stop in the far right lane with everyone passing me and looking at me like Iwas crazy! Needless to say I stayed in the right lane the rest of the way home at about 45mph!! :eek: :cool:

All I can say is thank God I didn't hit anything and don't listen those damn weathermen:D
My BFG DR's were VERY scary in the rain. I was on the Interstate when it started pouring down rain. I was cruising at 55 when my rear end just started fish tailing slowly back and forth. I eased off the freeway and took some side streets home, the rode was literally like ice I had no traction whatsoever. I never could 60' very good with drag radials anyway so I just buy normal radials now and use slicks at the track.

hey PSYCHO, sometimes its the driver fault to. i have one set of 235/65/15 on one car and some 275/50/15 on the other and those tires are awesome in the rain. the 275 are excellent for the track use and the hook pretty well. (if the driver knows how to launch with these).
BFG DR's have seemed to do pretty good for me at the track in 275 50 15. I had them on stock rims and they would rub slightly if I had a load in the car under cornering. On the new DRAG lite wheels no problem. The BFG's were terrible in the rain. I would however like to offer another suggestion that I will be trying out this coming spring. Hoosier is now producing an excellent looking and feeling drag radial that looks like it has excellent wet weather traction. You might want to see what they have available to you.
badgn - I agree it is quite a bit different launching with DR's then slicks. I couldn't figure out the drag radials with my setup. Could only pull high 1.9's with them. I actually pulled better 60's with normal Futura radials (1.84) but again it I just never figured out the DRs, I am sure I could have done better. Now the first time I slapped on some ET streets I was pulling 1.6's no problem. Mine is a daily driver and DR's never last very long so that is mainly why I run radials now on the street.
I would like to reiterate PhsycoBuickBoy's point that the wear longevity is very short on DR's. I usually only get about 4000 - 5000 miles out of a set doing regular stree duty. Less if if I spend any time at the track. On the positive side they do handle great. I went ot B@B in 2000 with them on when they were new and with 3 people and all our luggage, the mounains and twisties were no problem at all.
There are some good points made here. The DR's are not rain tires, nor are they that much better than a good set of street radials of the same size. I have Nitto DR's and Potenza street radials, and from my experience for launching off the line, the street radials are just as good. If you want better traction at the track, and the ability to drive to the track with your race tires, you might be better off with ET Streets. It does take practice to launch fairly well with DR's, but for the price of DR's, they're short tread life and the minimal traction advantage, it's not worth it IMO. They're really good at kick up rocks though!:D