Blown turbo while cruising?


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This car just doesnt want to see the dyno. I finally got all the loose ends together to get the car back up to bison performance for some dyno tuning and while cruising no boost i heard a slight noise equivalent to dropping a hose clamp on concrete then smoke screen. Car also sputters as if its missing. Ive searched quite a few posts about smoking a turbo while in boost or blowing a head gasket while in boost but just cruising im kind of scratching my head. car is .30 over, gn1 heads, 70 mm turbonetics, 80lb injectors, xfi. Thanks for your time.
I wouldn't drive it. If the shaft broke it will pump oil into the exhaust and intercooler at a rapid rate

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If something happened to the turbo I don't see it causing a miss. Sounds more like it broke a valve spring or rocker shaft but I don't see that making smoke. Is the smoke coming out the pipes or from under hood?
Same thing happened to me. Barely touched 0 on the boost gauge while going up a hill and BINGWOOSH. Sucked up part of my air filter. Did I mention to never use Spectre air filters?
Its a k&n and the compressor side looks fine. Just measured shaft radial end play at .020" and center shaft radial play at .002". Guess next step is to pull the plugs and inspect.
Thanks for the help guys, pulled turbo and everything was good. Replaced ignition module and coil still smoking and stumbiling. Removed valve cover and found #2 cylinder rocker stud snapped.


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Food for thought, the new studs will prolly need to be shortened on the end that screws into to head.... Otherwise they don't fit right.
Dang! That's a terrifying story. Your motor looks so nice it's a shame to hear that happening. At least it seems fixable? Hoping for the best, subscribing to see results.

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Just came back from a ride around and all good! The arp 100-7101ended up being the same size as the crap champion studs. Replaced all 12,set pre load and fired right up. So glad it didnt cause anymore damage then it did. Thanks again everyone.