Boost on pl goes from -29.5 to 31.9?


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Aug 8, 2010
As stated when I review pl my boost starts at -29.5/map @.12 kpa then switches to 31.9 #s of boost and 320.94 kpa. Changed the map sensor and there was no difference other than it took a little longer to change.
First log it changed at 164 sec. and at 410 sec. on the other. Any ideas why it would do this? Thanks
Attached 2 logs.


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I was having a similar issue and this was the fix, you see the map calibration on the first tab of the power logger way down at the bottom of the page.

"OK I figured out why I was showing 25 psi boost on the power logger and everyone else was seeing 19 psi of boost.

I was playing with the MAP calibration function (control B) when I was chasing no MAP signal during install. It was showing 58 in the ini file so I edited the barometric entry setting it back to the original setting of 101.300003051758 and now I show 19# of boost."
Exactly how do you have the MAP sensor wired to the Powerlogger? Describe every wire that is connected to the input module.