Box ID??

Chuck Leeper

Toxic old bastard
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May 28, 2001
I have several boxes that are under the dash, that I need to ID.
I'm doing a house cleaning of all the "stuff" I'll not use w/ the LS conversion.
I'll be retaining the turn, hi beam, dash and dome lighting, exterior lighting, stock fuse panel, with the LS harness using the necessary fuses.
Looked in the service manual, but the descriptions are difficult to recognize.:([gettin OLD!]

Here are some pics of what I have.

Dash harness boxes 001.jpg
Dash harness boxes.jpg
Dash harness boxes 002.jpg
Dash harness boxes 003.jpg

The one #25515279 is the Headlight Chime. Green one is the VSS buffer.
The last picture is the alarm relay. Or that's what the Part cross references too