Braided fuel lines

Gene Van Horn

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Feb 20, 2013
Hey guys, im looking for part numbers and places to buy that 90 degree -6 adapter to hook into bottom of regulater and the adapter to hook up what i think is -8 fuel line to fuel rail. The pic is what i have now, need to figure out how to hook them up. These came with the car and all the stock ones are history.
IIRC, its a 14x1.5 metric oring in the regulator, 90* to -6, then for the feed I used a 16x1.5 to -8 with a 5/8 dowty seal to seal against the rail. It was so tight using the 90* and the stock style regulator (had to install the fitting with the regulator off the rail, I just went custom with -6 off the rail for the return and moved the regulator downstream. I got all my parts from summit mostly or jegs.
TurboTn, thanks for the reply. Im going to speed shop in the morning and this should make it alot easier,hopefully they have this crap.