Brake fluid type recommendation


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Apr 22, 2005
Hey Guys,

Time to do: new PM reservoir, rebuilt calipers, rotors, cermanic pads, braided brake hoses, S10 wheel cylinders, cheapie rear shoes, drums, maybe front wheel bearings, and brake hardware. I've bought all this stuff from AutoZone and the f*&^ing rotors and drums are Made in China and I checked O'Reileys, Advance Auto for cheaper US made stuff. No one had the US stuff in stock, so I'll roll the dice on the china stuff.... :confused:

My question is can I (or should I) use synthetic brake fluid or just stick with DOT 3 fluid? I have both on hand...

The GN will just be a weekend cruiser - not a daily driver.

Thanks in advance - Mike


Maybe no one replies because of my board name - its mikes87gn on the 3 other boards (someone here already has it) - what can I say???
IMHO, since you are dealing with powermaster, you should use the manufacturer's recommended fluid type.
A couple years ago, I was getting an occassional Brake light on the dash. I replaced the brake fluid with Valvoline's Synthetic DOT 3 fluid. It seems to have cured whatever problem was causing the occasional brake light because I haven't had the light come back on since then.

Silicone is DOT 5, not DOT 4............either way don't use silicone fluid.

I usually use the DOT 4 fluid. It has a higher boiling pt. than DOT 3. Actually, what I do when I buy fluid is just to compare boiling pts. I buy the highest rating. That's usually the most expensive one. I think the synthetics have a higher boiling pt than conventional. It's basically just up to what you want to spend.