Bristol-Working on an Event...


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I am trying to get some dates nailed down for an event at Bristol next year. I have a questions so jump in if you know!

What time of the year seems to be the best there? Any months to steer away from?

Another important question for all is; Would you guys perfer a Thurs, Fri, Sat event or a Fri, Sat, Sun event?

Trying to get this nailed down so all input appreciated!
I would say April (before BG) or September (after BPG) would be best schedule and weather-wise.
I have heard great things about this track and have seen it on TV and man does it look like a grogeous track... Shane thanks in advance for trying to put this together.. When was this event held in the past years before it was cancelled? That might be a good time frame to look around..
October sounds good to me.

Late September or early October is good. It snowed on Halloween here a couple years ago. Snows here in April quite often too. Weather is very unpredictable around then. I think it was held in September in the past. I'm about 30 minutes from the track.

I'm for Late september or the first of october. It's cool your putting something together at Bristol, it's a nice place and a nice track! I was there in July for Pink's all-out and it was Hot! You can count me in!! :biggrin:
September is great, we sure miss the Buicks at Bristol event. I really liked the Thursday, Friday, Saturday format. We may have our car ready by then. LOL

Another vote for October!

I am a local racer at bristol dragway stay away fom july and aug ueless you want to get baked:o september or around the first of october would be the prime! they shut the track down because they do a big christmas thing with light for charity I would love to see this come back to bristol I dont care if it was on christmas day I would be there!!!! with both my buicks keep us posted like I said I am 20 minutes from the track and if you need any help with this just let me know !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
September or the first part of October would be great. I like the fri,sat,sunday format for me. I hope this event will get off the gound running!!
By far the nicest track I have been to!:)
Make it in June so the kids can come. I swear all you guys have no passion for passing the tradition on. The cars will die with you guys. please think about this...

I would prefer Thursday, Friday, Saturday event so it leaves a day for travel after the event. All nighting it Sunday night sucks just to work Monday. Also, if it rains out the elims, you can move them back one day..

The problem is they are already booked up pretty much in 08. They have a few slots open. I have brief list of dates but they are getting a full list for me now and I will post when I recieve it.