building a twin turbo SBC

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Nov 25, 2002
how hard would it be? just wondering, thinking of one day building up something like an old C or K-10 truck, lowering it, doing a bunch of fun stuff to it, but for engine wise i was thinking of building a SBC with two stock GN turbos... i know i would have to run lower compression, and fuel injection, and have custom plumming done, but, i would probably try and use a powerstroke intercooler. but, what kind of cam would i need? what kind of sensors would i need (MAF, knock?)

just wondering, something i might do one day.
Use a 91+ C2500, that will get you a PCM and E series tranny.
If you get a 454 truck to build on that'd get you a 4L80E and a good pcm.
Use the PCM for the tranny, and then use a Syclone ecm for the engine. There's be some serious wiring to do, but the E tranny gives you so much flexibility in getting things right.

And you'd have a vehicle with big brakes, and heavy enough drivetrain parts not to be breaking things all the time.

While the E tranny is kind of pricey, setting up a 700 to hold any HP is bigger bucks.
I'm in the process of setting one up right now. I'm going single. If you plan on doing a twin, try getting shorty block hugger headers, and flip them. In a truck, you have the hood clearance(I think) to mount the turbo onto this. Just have an adapter made, or have the header modified. I was going to do the twin GN turbos too, but my plow pump is in there, and I have an 88 K20, and it has the AIR lines into the headers and ...........Single will be a little cheaper, with less piping to do.
I am going to do a block hugger on the PS, flipped. There will be an elbow off of that to mount the turbo. Another elbow will be blended into this for crossover pipe. I'm going to start mocking it up to see what else I will need. Once I am done, I'll yank it all off and have it plated/coated. So far I have only spent about $600, and will pobably only have to spend maybe another C-note.
I love turbos.