C4 12" Brakes G Spindle / New crossover Pipe/ Intercooler Scoop / HR Pass Motor Mount


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Mar 15, 2010
Working to clean the garage out so I have more room to work on the car. Prices do not include shipping. I'm located in Indianapolis and can meet locally.

C4 12" brakes with 2 piston PBR caliper on G-body spindles. Fits under 15" wheels (well, at least my 15" Telstars) without any issues. Uses the rear C4 rotor which is the same thickness and diameter as the front, just a different offset. Rotors and pads have less than 5K on them, pads are Hawk HPS. Rotors are 12" by 0.8". Works fine, just upgraded to C5 stuff and no longer need these $300.

Stainless crossover pipe that I picked up from G-bodyparts.com a few years back. Wouldn't work with the girdle on the engine, so its never been used. Had to trim the piece that slips inside the other so that it was the right width, still lots of engagement. Sold

Adjustable intercooler scoop from Kirbans. Bolts to the stock scoop then between the air dams. Have some bracing in the way so I can't run it anymore. Missing the hardware, but that's pretty simple. Has a few dents. $25

HR Parts&Stuff Passenger motor mount. Used for a few years and no longer run it. No hardware. $50


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I'll take the motor mount is that price shipped??

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