Can the factory security system cause problems starting the car??



I was just wondering if this could be what is wrong with my buddies car. We have spark, fuel pressure and the engine cranks over but won't start. We already tried a different coil pack and it does the same thing. We tried messing with the aftermarket alarm toggle switch just incase it was shorting out, but nothing.

I read the other post that was posted about another car not wanting to start, and someone mentioned the crankshaft sensor. I was just wondering isn't this what makes the spark from the get go?

We would really appreciate any help you guys can give us. Thanks!
A friend has one & it gave him trouble.
I don't have one, so I havn't had to work on one yet.
Disconnect the wires going to the black alarm control box located right behind the light switch in the dash, then give it a try...
Factory Alarm

Rastaz is right. The best thing to do is disconnect the module by pulling the plug. I had problems with mine soon after the warrenty ran out. My problems started with the cold weather (10* and below) setting the alarm off in the middle of the night. I disconnected it and pulled the module out. The less clutter under the dash, the better.
start problem also

I was wondering if this could be my problem also.
I have put new alternator, starter, and battery on the car.
But i can only get about 10 starts out of the car. Then I have to jump it to start. But I still have all the power in the car the gauge reads over 12 volts, it just needs the extra amps for some reason. I have checked the alternator under load and thats fine, so i know the car is charging.
THANKS Joe miller
The factory alarm is not your problem......What the stock alarm does is it kills the car.....

I broke into my own car, and tried to get it started....but it wouldn't even start with the key! long as that alarm is going off the car will not won't even crank....if you turn the key all you get is "nothing" no cranking, no fuel pump prime...NOTHING

I highy doubt the Stock Alarm is your problem, because the car functions normal unless it is triggered....