Car starts then shuts off after 2-3 seconds ??


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This started the other day when I went to lock the car with the older Viper alarm systems key fob . It would lock with the arming button but wouldn't unlock . I opened the door with the key , set the alarm off , then it finally disarmed with the key fob . Decided to not use the alarm and went to a show yesterday . All was fine until I went to leave and had this start and shut off after 2-3 seconds problem , and had to trailer the car home . The viper alarm appears to be working correctly now ( arms & disarms like it use to ) , but still does the same thing . I do not loose fuel pressure at all , still at 40 psi after shut off . Is this a function of the factory alarm system ?? I had a 04 Grand Am that did this exact same thing with the start - shut down . Any help would be appreciated , Sam
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The factory alarm cuts power to the starter if it doesn't get disarmed. Try putting the key in the driver door lock and unlocking, that will disarm the factory alarm.

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I have tried all of the manual disarming methods , including the unlock , lock with power lock switch and unlock with key . Funny thing is security light acts like it should , flashing unarmed , solid on armed , off when starting . I read something about a magnetic switch in the key cylinder , does our cars have that ?
Are you still using stock maf?
No , translator & LS1 maf.
It starts fine runs for about 3 seconds then dies , it will restart and do it all over again and I never lose fuel pressure , definitely ignition cut-off . Is there anything on the TT chip for anti-theft ?
I don't think there is, maybe try disconnecting the battery.

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Only thing I could suggest is looking at that viper alarm system, is it tied to any part of the ignition or fuel system?

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That's what I originally thought because of the problem I had the day before , but after a battery change in the key fob it "seems" to lock , unlock , and arm & disarm the system . The viper alarm came with the car when I got it and I can't even find the hidden valet switch . I was hoping it was the factory alarm and fix it at home cause it's sitting on the trailer right now with a no start condition .

2 hours to back all this crap out and they cut into more than half the wires on the column. The solenoid wire was 100% interrupted. $200/hr isn't enough to deal with the grief of this type of work

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Do the dash lights stay on after it dies?

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It looks like when you first turn on the ignition .... all the dash lights come on , just like if the car stalls after it was running .

Bison that looks a little like my rats nest . My Viper system seems to work ok , it will even remote start the car but then it dies 3 seconds after it starts .
I didn't know it was a remote start, is the tach sense wire hooked up?

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I didn't know it was a remote start, is the tach sense wire hooked up?

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Don't know , I'll check tomorrow . I didn't even know it had remote start until yesterday !!