Casper's coil/ignition tester question?


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If your coil pack and ignition module test good with the Casper's tester is there any possibility that something could still be wrong with them? Thanks, R.B.
Replaced coil pack, ignition module, plugs, wires, tps, iac, knock sensor, injectors, timing chain and valve springs . Probably forgot a few other things.
I made the changes to try and fix it. Ran great before. Still runs perfect up until about 10-12 psi of boost!
Little story, I was workin on a guy GN last summer. Came in on the hook, new motor 2 yrs ago and the ugliest, dirtest car I ever worked on. Anyway after replacing the incorrect maf, junk wires, bad coil, crank sensor (beat to death, interupter ring was hitting, stock sensor too!) and adjusting every sensor known to man the car ran great up to 10# boost. It knocked terrible! Nothing helped, I checked the cam, used race gas, fuel pump, injectors, ECM, and exhausted everything I ever knew bout em. Couldn't understand wht the hell it was. It was running in the driveway and I brushed up against the cam sensor connection and it stumbled. Ahh HAA, I found it!!!!! Redid the connections in the plug, all the wires looked good but everytime I shook the wires the car stumbled. Unplugged all sensors and started ohming. Found out one of the wires on the crank sensor was broken and wasn't connected to the module harness plug only SOMETIMES! Fixed the wire and all was well. Took a bath on that job, but can sleep at night again ;)
Great story Russ, the only problem is that I've shaken everyone of those wires and also unplugged the cam sensor while motor was running and it made no difference!
I would double check the cam sensor setting. When you did the timing chain how did you set it? You have the tool or ohm meter method?

Pretty tough to diagnos on the computer. Wish the car was here, I coulda fixed or told you what was wrong by now.

We were doing this on Cottons site a couple weeks ago and the kid had the plug wires on wrong. Could be a ton of things, bad sensor, gas, injector/harness, ect

Good luck and tell us your final out come on this thread.
Thanks for the help Russ. I'll let you know if I EVER find it. BTW, what is Cottons site? Thanks, R.B.