Caspers wiring harness (available in Bowling Green)


Jun 21, 2001
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This is a brand new Caspers wiring harness for LC2 conversions for cars such as Camaro, Chevlle, S10 etc with vacuum or hydroboost brakes. It can be installed in a GN/T-type however additional wiring required for Power Master brake setups and factory fuse block direct connections.

Asking $525 in Bowling Green. $550 shipped including PayPal fees

The wiring harness has the following provisions with brand new relays (noted below)
Factory ECM plug provisions
Independent 4 port fuse panel for the included relays
AC (relay included)
ESC Module
ALDL port
VSS Converter module (module included)
Fuel Pump (relay included)
Fan (relay included)

Dash harness for the following gauges and functions
TCC Brake Switch
Tach feed
Water temp gauge
Oil pressure gauge
AC switch
Alt lamp warning light (with green indicator light)
Oil pressure warning light (with red indicator light)
Ignition switch hot all times
Ignition switch hot run only
Ignition switch hot start only
Power feed for car fuse block (turn signal, radio, windows etc)

The engine compartment has the following provisions
ECM power wire
Positive relocation block with fusible links
Negative relocation block
ECM power wire
Ignition switch starter wire
CCCI provision
Fuel injector harness provision
200r4 transmission provision (4 wire)
Fuel pump hot wire provision
Knock sensor
VDO Hall effect speed sender provision
O2 sensor
Water temp and Oil pressure provisions for aftermarket gauges
Cam sensor
AC clutch
AC pressure switch
Wastegate solenoid
Radiator Fan
Fan temp sensor
Not include (EGR, Power master motor and pressure switch and factory fuse block provisions)
John Martin
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