Castrol Super Clean


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Feb 4, 2004
:frown: I just used this product to clean an already pretty clean engine. It ruined the finish on all the alunimun components. How can I restore the finish on them? I will call Castrol tomorrow and see what they will do about it. Tommy
Did it make them like a hazy white? You might try spot cleaning again with Simple Green before you get too depressed
Castrol did seem concerned. They're sending me a claim packet to take care of my damage. Is there an aluminum cleaner that will restore my finish without doing a polish by hand?
Super clean is some effective stuff, but it will kill a finish. It wrecked the powdercoated stuff under my hood, and it also killed the clear coat on my friends wheels. Now I just use a heated pressure washer at work, or a mild detergent.

A good polish is Mothers Billet. It is very fine and requires more elbow grease but produces a smoother finish. So, I would use some Wenol red and finish with the Mothers billet.

That, or a buffing wheel and white rouge. Or if more cutting action is required a red rouge followed by the white rough. Use a different buff wheel for each type rouge/compound.

All this is of course for an already smoot/polished finished, and not rough castings.
It did the same to my work van I had. Super Clean is powerful but it does havic to some finishes. I still use Super Clean but I use to clean the driveway.

If you need to clean your motor, use Simple Green or Zep Super Orange. Simple Green is alittle less powerful than the Zep.

Billy T.