changing valve springs


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Nov 24, 2006
I have read several posts that it is a good idea to install newvalve springs as a preventative measure. along with new timing chain.
my 84 t-type has 91,000 miles on original engine. no known issues. I am about to start upgrading and wanted to start with the basics.
My question is can the vavle spings be changed with out removing the head from the motor? also how is this accomplished? what would be the most reasonable replacements stock? or an upgrade?
Thanks Bob
I am changing my valve springs as well. I am using the comp cams 980-12 valve springs alot of guys on here are also running these they are drop in replacements. You can also use LT1 valve springs. You can use compressed air in the spark plug hole to swap out springs or do a search on here about the "rope trick"
compressed air in the cylinder. didn't think of that one. good idea.
how would i compress the spring to remove the retainer?