Cheap Turbo, Core 44? ATR Stage 2 or 3? Cheap good stocker? Also grey Sunvisors


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Dec 5, 2004
Hey guys, Looking for a core 44 or 49. Or a good ATR Stage 2 or 3 turbo. Might even consider a cheap good stocker. Let me know what you have.

I'm also looking for a nice set of grey sunvisors for a hardtop.

Thanks guys! I do have parts I can trade too! I'm clearing out all my stuff in prep for a move. I have nice chrome front and rear bumper shells, rub strips, marker lights, quite a few hot air parts (intakes, headers, pulleys, ECM, coil pack/modules, fuel rails, injector harness, etc), LT1 MAF'a, Magnacore plug wires, Kenny Bell plug wires, 86-87 coil/module, new duralast coil pack, body parts, seats, decent gn steering wheel, tail lights, trim, mirrors, New Aeromotive Stealth 340 pump and Racetronix hanger wiring kit, 1" shortened driveshaft, 25 or so stock injectors, timing covers, Caspers Hotwired 84-85 to 86-87 Coil pack Adapter and Plate, Caspers lighted Cam sensor cap, Good Stock Calipers, grey center console that needs a little work, stock heads, 84 t Type Grille (not the best chrome), 63k mile PowerMaster with new ball checked by Richard Clark, just about anything. I have an NA Regal parts car as well as an 84 T parts car.
I have a 44. wheel rubbed.

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