chip issues? or powerlogger issues?

Jan 22, 2016
im running a turbo tweak 5.7 with an e85 tune and i keep getting the error code 51 PROM error, ive noticed through some trouble shooting that it might be caused from my power looger coming loose from the ecm does anyone have this issue? but with this i believe it somehow resets my my fuel settings on the chip is this possible or is the chip self learning i dont know if it is but occasionally when i get the error code 51 the car will stall so i do a flooding reset by holding the gas pedal all the way down and if it doesnt fire up i go check the ecm and see if the power logger is seated fully most times it doesnt even move but the second i touch it i can start the engine and the code goes away and the fuel numbers are off from what i originally set them and other times after just driving the vehicle for awhile no issues or codes the fuel numbers will change? can any one provide some advice or feedback anything will be appreciated
make sure the contact fingers are completely clean on the ECM, and that there is no pressure on the PowerLogger.

As Bob said, the ECM may need the chip socket prongs tightened up. That's the usual cause. Let me know if you keep having problems with it.