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May 26, 2001
Man. I'm looking into getting a chip made for some Lucas 43# pound injectors. But with all these makers out there i have no idea who to go with. I know there are alot of vendors who check this board so if you wanna e-mail direct to not offend anyone i'll understand. My email is:

But what are some of things i need to look for? here are my car specs:

Ta49? Stock looking..
Ported heads, intake
Stock Converter
Big mouth
Adj Reg
Wlabro pump
Poston Cam
soon to be ported throttle body and plenum.
3 in DP

mainly a good programmer. Each one has their own "style" or method and to people on this board, better yet, do a search. This is being dicussed constantly and there is ALOT of great info in the archives.

I presently run the Max Effort 16 position and figure it to be the last I'll ever is more expensive than others but it is programmable as well.

If you're interested, I'll sell you two of the chips I used prior (PTE/Lubrant & an MM) for $50.00. Both chips worked good, just differently. The only way to choose the "right" chip is to try them one by one.
Hey zam70..If y26 isnt interested in those chips...Ill take them..I have oo9's with a ta-49 in my tta using a R/A93 now..But Would like to try some others..For comparison..Are the chips u have 93 octane whats the specs on them???? Thanks...Shawn