Code 15 paint?


I've run across pictures of the two cars below and wondered if anyone thought it was a factory paint code. I've googled images of code 15 and wa8573 but they all appear lighter to me. Although it appears this paint code changes quite a bit with lighting so it still may be factory. Thoughts/opinions?

It looks more like Gunmetal Metallic 7782, 84, WA7782, I wanted to paint my GN that color, but stuck with Black.
Wow that color looks great. I like how the second car has color matched bumpers.
Another example of color matched bumpers. I really like the idea.
87T pics 009.jpg
My car was wa8573 medium gray metallic, but I painted it with '09 Corvette Cybergray paint, with a touch more metal blue flake in it than you see on Corvettes.


Is this photo the wa8573 paint code? If not, do you have some photos of your car before the wicked awesome cyber gray, with extra blue metal flake, stand out in a crowd custom paint?