complete long block

Turbo Indian

worlds quickest 6cyl bird
Sep 25, 2003
complete long block, complete from plenum, & throttle body to oil pan
this is the motor that is in the firebird in my signature.

2 center billet main caps
fresh 107M .010 main bearings (coated @ Calico Coating)
fresh 6-3768 .020 rod bearings (coated @ Calico Coatings)
Calico Coatings
bored .010 over with JE pistons
210-210 roller Comp Cams
Durabond cam bearings
double roller timing set
stock rods

ported iron heads
Ferrea big valves
Comp roller valve springs
cometic head gaskets
ported to match stock intake
ported to match stock headers
Harland Sharp 1.55 roller rockers
all port work was done by knperformance in Charlotte NC

70mm KB throttle body "polished"
Precision plenum "polished"
RJC power plate
your choice of fuel rails, either a stock one, or one modified for -12 feed & fuel pressure guage relocated. (as shown in photos) "injectors not included"
ported, & powdercoated front cover
new GM waterpump

all you need is "your" sensors, injectors, accessories, valve covers, & turbo



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How many miles on this combo? steal crank? and this motor ran 9.93 in the quarter?

I've had this motor for about 5 1/2 years. it was in my GN that went 10.90's with a little TA 61 turbo & 55# inj. when it was in that car it saw about 4k miles, since it went into the firebird it has not seen any street miles. it is a stock turbo crank. not this past year at Reynolds but the year before it went 9.90's all weekend long, but I found out that it had a bad temp sensor that gave FAST a false reading, in return made the car not reach it's full potential. the 9.90's were at 24 psi. if someone is interested in the complete set up including the turbo GTQ76, 83# inj, & FAST (bank to bank) I would entertain offers.
Would you happen to have any videos of this car running in the 9s? I would love to see it- great car combination!
I had 1 but I have no idea where it went, but not to worry there will be some low 9 sec. videos before too much longer.;)
yes it is a stock turbo crank, there are several folks out there that are doing it. the first step to survival is having a machine shop that knows what they are doing, & the second is tuning without detonation.