Complete part out v6 turbo gn1 heads rockers turbo injectors DP etc

Hey Brotha, I was calling dibs for 87gn-newbee. He answered just below my post. He is only wanting the translator.
Tensioner is yours. I am looking into the compressor set up. I will probably selling a newish kirban muffler hose assy. too
Send me your PayPal address. I will pay you now for the tensioner and wait for your decision on the AC compressor for you to ship all at once.

You can always text me at 786-262-six six six six for a quick response. Sorry just updated the list with sold items. The translator and chip are sold and shipped, still have 80 lb injectors, ported intake and all other intake related parts like fuel rail dog house throttle body. Thank you all Henri...
What kind of exhaust manafolds, fpr,valve covers,injector harness upgraded,power steering pump,any upgrades done to the front cover.some questions an parts im looking for.
I have front cover complete (has scoring in the oil pump cavity) Buick parts 4 017.JPG Buick parts 4 016.JPG Buick parts 4 022.JPG Buick parts 4 031.JPG Buick parts 4 038.JPG Buick parts 4 069.JPG Buick parts 4 100.JPG with roller button and newish spring, racetronix injector harness $50 shipped, complete power steering deal. Thank you Henri..