converter wear


Double you eee what?
Apr 7, 2010
Without blowing through one, do high performance torque converters wear out? Outside of lockup clutches, what wears out? Just curious if one had ever been just old and tired and why without being overpowered.
I personally had a few converters go "bad" for various reasons, and know of many other that have had thrust bearings go bad as well as the sprage, and also some have bent or damaged fins.

Even stock converters can go bad, but the more HP, the more frequent you need to service them.

My Hughes converter has served me well but it has been "serviced" 3 times over 6 years at the high 9 sec. level.

The one before that went bad as my MPH was dropping, and Dick Kereny had the same issue. We had them rebuild, as it was minor parts that were worn but killed our performance.

Have seen 12 sec. GN's with converter issues, rotating parts do not last forever! :)
My 10" PTC went bad do to the output shaft almost pushing through do to power.
It's hard to wear them out from simple driving. Our Tahoe has 200k on the trans so they can usually just keep going unless you contaminate it.