Converting to e85 recipe

Chrome Bonez

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Feb 18, 2022
I recently converted my car to use 100% e85. It has the stock turbo and IC, stock block and heads. It's not a track car, just street cruising. I went with the 60 lb injectors and chip from Turbotweak. Eric has said you can get to mid 11's on 60's and I'm not even close to that so it seems fine. I believe with 80 lb injectors you need more than a single pump so there is no point in doing 80's or larger unless you are doing a double pump setup which I didn't want to do as I just bought a Walbro 340 last year. 20 psi boost with no knock at all and it pulls hard!
What year is your car
You don't need a double pump setup to run 80's.

I run low 10's on 80's with pump gas, Alky and a 450 LPH DeatschWerks pump all day long.

And yes, he probably has figured it out by now! LOL