Cool license plates U have or have seen.

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Feb 5, 2005
I was drivin in my beater car and saw a Trans Am with the plate "TOO BOKU" . Right away I got it as a reference from one of the greatest war movies of all time---FULL METAL JACKETspecifically the Vietnamese Hooker scene. So that got me thinking... What are some of the more memorable license plates that u have seen on cars? Please postem if U got em.
My brother used to have a 1973 Oldmobile VistaCruiser Station wagon with the classic Olds 'Rocket' 350, ported heads, competition valving, hi-rise intake and twin Holley double pumpers with velocity stacks. Snorkel style hoodscoop, cragar alum slot rims with N50-15's (12" tread width) for rear traction stuffed in the rear fenders. Damn thing would go by everything but a gas station and snatch your neck shifting into third gear at 90mph. I think it was the th400 trani well built. I almost crapped myself once riding in it.

His plate was "MYWAGN1". I guess because he never lost! ;)
A frind of mine - Mike Gale - has 11SECGN. After a particularly fast pass someone changed the "11" to a "10" with white shoe polish. :D

When I was in high school, there was this guy who had a really lowered chevy pickup with tags that read LOMOFO. I'm not into lowriders but I always thought that license plate was cool.
I saw on probably 8-10 years ago


I took it as F'in Dork, They must of had a good explanation to get it by my censors.

Also used to see MEANDMY on a dodge shadow.
my favorite plate was on a Saleen S281....


took me about 10 minutes of standing there deciphering until I came up with the 'die hard' reference...

'yippie ki-a, mother ..........'

I have "OLDSW40" on my plates... W40 was the RPO for the Hurst package in '83-'84 :D
One of the neatest plates I saw was when I was subscribing to Kirban's Newsletter and he had pictures of various plates that he had seen while attending Buick-related car shows.

It's sort of obscure and only Buick Turbo guys know what it means.


I also remember seeing BLU BYU on a Blue '86 305 TPI Trans Am though I hardly thought that it really could.
My current plate is "NASTY 6"

A few months ago, one of my neighbors came to the house; she was really bothered, and wanted to know who "NASTY G" was!!
My plate is C YA LATR A few years ago at Union Grove dragstrip, I ran a 442 in a time run and when we picked up our time slips, I saw in my mirror that his plate was C U LATER
Mine are:
QWIK LX........Turbo/intercooled mustang

and the latest for my new GTO...... in Holden Manaro. (the Australian version)
Two that I can remember. One was on a Z28 that read RDNK4RE (redneck ferrari). The other was on a convertable IROC that read RUFLESS. Both were pretty cool in my opinion.
There is a car here in Pgh with the plate CAMLTOE. Pretty funny. Another one that I remember is 10SNE1 = tennis any one.
well i thought mine would look good,but damn convicts cant do nothing was supposed to have a space between bad and s...1 bad ars v6..might try to complian,but then they may catch on???and they didnt even center it???


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a friend of mine had one pn his lowrider that read Layudwn

my typhoon has TY-what? and a friend has SloGN on his 87 GN
KWIKR 1..............Given to me by my wife on my birthday . think she was trying to tell me something ? LOL :D :)