Cool license plates U have or have seen.

On my GN I have the Massachusetts specialty tags "Invest in Children" ...plate shows two toddlers holding hands and ballons in other hands...not what you'd expect to see on an evil looking car...5 year old daughter helped pick 'em out in 2000. On my blue 87 T I have the Mass. specialty tags "United We Stand"...plates are blue with American flag in background. Considering "GME FUL" (gimme fuel....BIG Metallica fan!) Need to buy digital camera.
My friend has on his 67 SS Camaro, is MySWTSS. (My Sweet SS) When I saw it for the first time I thought it said MYSWISS.

An other friend has on his 71 Charger, 71CHRGR.

Another friend has on his Blazer, RICEETR (Rice Eater)

When I get my TR, I'd like GRANNY, or GRAMPS (Since when I tell people I want a Buick, they always say 'a Buick?! That's what my grandma drives')

the GN I just sold was YRDREAMN. when I was thinking about building a stage motor car the tag for it would have been ON-STAGE. but now that I've done the production motor thing I just need to shave a few 10ths of & the tag will read LOW9-109 only Buick folks will get it. :wink:
I seen a 87 442 that said "READY GO". I saw one that that said "WERUN2" on a 98 gtp grand prix. My wife has one for you hot air guys. "2HT2COOL". :cool:
Mine is WHP LSH (whip lash) Back in 88 we could only get 6 dig's.

My dad said it when I took him for a ride in my car in 88.
He said the car gave hime whip lash and I thought it was well suited.

Seen a old guy in town driving a old 300z with the plates RU18QT.
Believe it or not I saw this one a few years back. RUGAY2

Have DERNHT on my wife's Jimmy. Dale Earnhardt. We only get 6 letters in CT

Have BOOSTD on my GN.
My German friend has FU K1566. You computer geeks will figure it out. Then saw SI TH666 on a black Range Rover.