Cool license plates U have or have seen.

I have "STNGKLR" on my Formula.... It seems like no one can figure it out tho ;)


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There was a Prelude around here for awhile that had "2AKISS" and a blue and orange CRX with "WETSPOT". Still not sure why you would want that one :confused: Then again the cars was blue and orange like the GT40 Lemans Gulf cars.
I used to have JAYMANS6 on my T since everyone calls me jay-man, but since the cops around here seem to like following me around, I went back to normal plates. It keeps the sleeper image too.
I almost got BIGR NU "Bigger 'n you" on my 73 Electra before I wrecked it.
I was gonna get NFERNO "Inferno" for the inferno red PT, but again, the whole cops thing. Plus, someone once told me that if a judge sees a vanity plate on a traffic ticket they are more likely to put it to you if you get caught.

Around here in the sticks of NY, you get a lot of modded lifted 4x4s, so Ive seen "TALLTAIL" and "TOPTHIS" "BIGMUDDR" and stuff along those lines.
On my Grand Prix I have NO1UNO "No one you know" some people
think it says "Numero Uno". I'm also into ham radio, and when I've
driven my car to different hamfests people ask how I got that for a callsign.

On my GN, I have the classic BUICKV6