coolest plates


here is my plate for my 87 GN in the build process. When it is done, it will bare this warning!


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Here Is Where I Got My Name And The Plate To Boot.


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Surprised NYS let me have it, but here it is.
Got it for my Cruiser. My Cruiser is quirky in a Stephen King "Christine" like way, and my friends nicknamed her after the movie car. For no apparent reason, she is very jealous of women that ride with me, and has done some weird things. Since I'm a huge King/Carpenter fan, I got a plate that is a kind of tribute.

My Buick had a custom plate "JAYMANS6", since my friends call me the Jayman, but I got rid of it, since it detracts from the sleeper image, and also calls attention from cops. My EVIL RED plate gets all sorts of LEO attention.


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Cant believe MS gave you that plate! I'm in Rankin Co and mine says GOLDRSH:smile: