Crank and rods

Joe 1320

Torqueus Maximus
Feb 28, 2002
I'm planning a new motor, what crank and rods will be safe for say 600 lb/ft of torque? I want to keep the rpms below 5600, with monster torque.
Stock rods are good for this. Rework/re-size and a beam polish will do. Anything over 550hp and you are on borrowed time w/o a girdle on a stock Turbo crank. A non Turbo crank will garburate long before this.
What is the approximate limit of the stock parts? I do plan on using a girdle and mains, I just don't want to do it twice.
There was an article in one of the car mags this month about con. rods. One of the companies stated that as far as strength and weaknesses go, excessive rpm will kill a rod before excessive cylinder pressure (torque) will. Mark:cool:
That is good to hear. I haven't opened mine up yet to see the damage, but I suspect that I shot a main and broke the crank or a rod. It made lovely noises before it seized.:cool: That motor was putting out some hefty torque. Perhaps I should just go for overkill. I'm generally the type that sooner or later it won't be fast enough and I will step it up and be right back where I started. I don't have the dough for a stage motor :( so for a stock block I better make it as stong as can be made. Can you smell what the troll terminator is cookin':D I just have this urge to pop the hood of a 10.90 car and the motor looks stock. :eek: Got to have a/c too.