Curt's White pearl project

Update. Just been installing parts. Just wating for the OEM door handles to come so i can finish up the doors.
Update. Got some better pictures today with the shop door open. Just waiting for the door handles and new NOS door seal to arrive so i can button up the doors and do a final clean hand Teflon before delivery. Coming along good so far.
Wholly cow!
The paint does look outstanding, but look at the body lines before and after. (Hood, door to fender, trunk, etc). It went from a 80s GM car, to a Lexus.
Tony, If your intent was to make this thing look as nice as it did from the factory, YOU FAILED! :eek:
It looks too nice...:D You're making the rest of our cars look bad...

Please post more pics when done.

Mike B.
Thanks everyone. I can't wait to get it outside and get some good shots....i think it might needs some gas.:D......just messing with you Curt! I will be delivering this beast to Curt in two weeks and then onto the road to go buying my new project car in CT. I just had to have another one. It's a sickness i think.:eek:
Update. Car is being loaded on the trailer for the trip home next week to deliver it to Curt. I'm just waiting for the new door handles to show up Saturday so i can finish up the doors before leaving. Then on the CT to pick up my new Turbo-T. I don't think i will be able to get other pictures after the door handles are installed, so this is it. Kind of bitter sweet to see it go.:).
Before and after..the end. Thanks everyone. Special thanks to Gbody parts, Highway stars, And Mike's Monte for parts and help.