Cylinder head bolt sealant


Grand Nasty
Has anyone used Leak Lock from Highside Chemicals on their head bolts to seal them in the water jacket? I use this stuff regularly in the electric motor and generator industry. Seems to work well on fluids. The rep says it can be used with antifreeze and its rated up to 400 degrees F. Or anybody have a surefire sealant they know of?
I use any good liquid teflon. You can get it at Home Depot in the plumbing section or any auto parts store.
I like Yamalube5 and a couple of GM seal tabs on initial bust off. That stuff is awesome. it pours out of the tube almost like thick water and just flat out works. Then again I tend to trust motorcycle related chemicals more than automotive.

After I drain and add antifreeze I add one tab just on general principle. That part isn't TR specific, I do one tab on my DDs too.