Dawn of the Dead fans?

There is no such thing as a remake of a classic horror film that has ever been worth a sh1t in comparison to the original.
How do you paint a "better" Picasso. The cold war is over and Romero's basic premise (and flawless execution) cannot be duplicated. Looks a lot like GN badges on a NA Regal Limited!
My first date, Dawn of the Dead, I loved it, she puked, I stayed, she left and never called me, go figure. Life was good back then.
I'm a big fan of Tom Savinni (sp) the man did wonders with pig guts. He's back in the new film, the dead seem to move quicker in the new movie.
yes they did move alot slower in the orginal. funny too how some of the zombies looked like they were painted blue(real corny looking) while some were truely gorey. Romeros movies do something that make you squirm in your seat more so than todays corny horror flicks. i hope its good!
I have the "Day of the Dead" dvd with the commentary disc, its pretty funny when Romero is talking about how they made those movies and how they used townfolk in the cities they filmed in as extra zombies. My favorite zombie is the one with a flyrod and a cigar in his mouth, and of course BUB!